HR-HiPo Business Solutions

Smart recruiting of personnel based on current business needs and company strategy analyses

Who are HiPo?

HiPo (abbr High Potential) – an employee with high potential able to meet or exceed deadlines timely and successfully.
HiPo are capable of developing business processes and systems they operate as well as self-development
HiPo are competent in adjacent professional areas or adjoining business processes. They possess a 3D vision on the ways to achieve results
They generate synergy out of resources at their disposal

What is HR-design?

Multiple testing of HR solutions in order to create an optimal HR system
Each solution should be carefully checked to meet business needs
HR-design is a tedious and resource-intensive process which is often hard to launch at any company due to objective and subjective reasons
HiPo personnel in figures
(market average)
of labor force
up to 80%
of the company's revenues come from HiPo employees
faster growing revenue in organization, headed by are HiPo
What do we offer?
An unprecedented recruitment technology on the market
We offer recruitment based on consulting implications. Our approach incorporates your current and future business needs.
Vacancy requirements evaluation
To form a balanced team means to provide for company success. We aim to work out a necessary and sufficient set of competencies for upper and middle managerial positions.
HiPo management
We secure HiPo managers recruitment, that provides a qualitative improvement of business processes and systems as well as teams efficiency. We do paperwork, job description and analytical reports.
Have questions?
We call back and advise
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Why we?
Because we generate a brand new service on HR-market
Strategic approach
Rivals do not go as far as to analyze core problem zones by evaluating company business model, strategy, business processes and team roles.
We outperform the traditional recruitment agencies
The rivals think they know better what type of personnel the clients want. Otherwise they would not turn to them for help. Our approach is to deeply understand the client's business needs and find the best solution.
We are more efficient than in-company recruiters
In-company recruiters (often even line managers) do not possess strategic management evaluation tools to apply them to job requirements. Moreover they would need skills to translate the owners' vision, strategic, process and project management implications into job description. We bet they wouldn't. In case they could you would not contact any recruitment agency.
Multi-level candidates appraisal
We operate a proprietary assessment system to ensure the perfect fit of candidates upon finishing the consulting activities.

What are we doing?

HiPo recruitment process
Business model analysis
The results here will enable us with job future requirements
Business processes analysis
To clarify job current requirements with respect to business processes decomposition and team roles identification
List of competencies
Rating top competencies
Job description
Making the vacancy/job description
Candidates search
Searching for candidates through various channels
Candidates short list
Primary scan of resumes and cover letters, portfolios and reference letters
Candidates appraisal
Assessment of top candidates
Presenting the candidates
Presenting the top-ranking candidates to the customer
What will you get?
Highly productive HiPo employees
We will find candidates that ensure a perfect match with business current and future needs, as well as company strategy.
Current HR-efficency of your business
Through express-audit we will identify problem zones in strategy, operating and HR-activities and corporate culture.
Help with your ideas implementation
An old team tends to be inertial, there is an urgent need for change drivers. We will find candidates who will be triggering the change!
Efficiency and productivity enhancement
Our HiPos will minimize the change resistance and eventually raise the team productivity.
Job description
We will work out a detailed job description for each candidate with respect to their current and future-goals-oriented activities.
Long-term company growth
We will continue the search for best candidates for your company to streamline the processes they own, monitor their progress, make additional assessments, if required, and evaluate their personal development programs.
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